Pavilion Pavilion


Architectural Glass by Jack Brindley

Stained Glass 2024

Untitled (pressure systems)

Materials: Handmade glass, Toughened Glass, Bonding agent, sliding track.
Site: domestic internal window separating two bathrooms  
Location: Glasgow, Scotland
Dimensions: 1150 x 850 mm
Date: 2024
Thin lines of colour draw out along the surface of the glass. The aim is to play with depth and opacity, perhaps similar to how sunlight creeps through clouds or is refracted through water.
Mouth blown ‘flashed’ glass has been etched and bonded onto a piece of toughened glass and inserted into a sliding track. The two windows can be slid open and closed for ventilation purposes, but as the windows move there is the additional aesthetic layering up of the design and tonal intensity. Handmade glass can be a very dynamic material, and this work celebrates that as the windows can be constantly moved to form new compositions.