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Image: Suzanne R Livingstone
Pavilion Pavilion is a project initiated by artist Jack Brindley which seeks to explore he relationship between art and architecture.  

Brindley holds a MA in painting from the Royal Collage of Art, London; and for the last few years he has been working almost exclusively with ‘architectural-glass’ (stained-glass) as a means to  explore the role of art within the contemporary  built environment . As a site specific intervention, his work attempts to re-address the role of ornamentation in architecture, and to give back specificity and value to spaces by the objects that inhabit them. ‘Art to live with, rather than art to look at’. Brindley’s stained glass work explores how we can be sensitive to the quality of light present and available in a space, and how we might enhance it with glass. 

Our studio is based in Edinburgh, Scotland and deliver projects worldwide. The majority of our work are  site specific commissions that employ both traditional and modern techniques. Thus bringing the irreplaceable beauty of handmade materials in line with the demands of current day building standards. 


A Pavilion is often a temporary architecture, an exercise in style and ideology that gives shape to an idea. Pavilions have been used in world fairs and expos as a means to explore new advances in technology, art or science. Brindley is interested in how we can utilise glass to  re imagine the contemporary  language of architecture. 

‘What does sculpture do to architecture and what does architecture do to sculpture?’