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Architectural Glass by Jack Brindley

Stained Glass 2024

Haptic Light

Materials: cast glass, bespoke steel lugs.
Site: Bard HQ. 1st floor Sash window of a commercial unit. 
Location: Leith, Edinburgh, Scotland, UK
Dimensions: 360 x 460 mm approx (each)
Date: 2023
Haptic Light is a sculptural intervention of cast glass at Bard gallery and Shop in Leith, Edinburgh. 

These sculptures explore the idea of a window as a lens. I am interested in their dual properties: as a prismatic portal that acts in a pseudo-scientific way to manipulate light, but also as sculptural objects in themselves. 

The idea originated from my fascination with an early Frank Lloyd Wright design for factory windows, which directed light down into the workspace. It was a clever way of handling light quality and focus, though soon became redundant with the advent of electric light.

These window prisms are made to the dimension of the existing glazing and can either be secured to the interior of the window frame, or displayed as sculptures in their own right. The evidence of physical manipulation gives them a pleasing haptic quality. Glass is typically highly polished and can be quite cold - here, the hand markings bring human warmth to the material.