Pavilion Pavilion


Architectural Glass by Jack Brindley

Stained Glass 2024

Foreign and  Domestic

Materials: Handmade and machine made glass, Lead, Powder coated steel frame.
Site: Third floor window overlooking a communal stairwell. 
Location: Lower East Side, NYC, USA
Dimensions: 840 x 1400 mm approx 
Date: 2022
The design brief was to add privacy to a New York apartment, and the design takes the form of a warping chevron motif in a horizontal grid. As a visually quite energetic piece I wanted the lead lines to take centre stage and direct the rhythm of the window.

The glass is a mixture of machine and handmade, providing a balance between regulated and organic movement. All of the glass is heavily textured thus entirely distorting any view, yet the bubbles and ridges in the glass picks up and carries the light.