Pavilion Pavilion


Architectural Glass by Jack Brindley

Stained Glass 2024

David Dale Gallery

Materials: Lead-light window, Handmade and machine made glass, silver stain, steel frame.
Site: Window connecting hallway and gallery space. 
Location: David Dale Gallery, Glasgow
Dimensions: 1800 x 970 mm approx 
Date: 2021
This window is a permanent art-work on display at David Dale Gallery in Glasgow. It separates the main gallery space from a communal hallway. 

The piece is made from different textured glass which distorts any clear view between the two spaces, and utilises traditional stained glass techniques. Primarily the use of yellow Silver Nitrate, which is applied to the glass and heated in a kiln to produce the deep yellow colour to the glass. The lead lines take precedence in this design and give the work a graphic identity. The lines operate in a grid like motif encasing each different texture of glass individually.