Pavilion Pavilion


Architectural Glass by Jack Brindley

Stained Glass 2024

Nodal Variations

Materials: Handmade glass, Toughened Glass, Bonding agent.
Site: Internal window between a bedroom and ensuite. 
Location: Edinburgh, Scotland, UK
Dimensions: 1800 x 400 mm approx 
Date: 2023

This design explores a repeated ovoid ‘brush stroke’ motif rotating and evolving over the surface of the glass. I have become interested in the role of calligraphy in South East Asian cultures, in particular; how a skilled hand can create a highly unique sense of movement and meaning through a very simple stroke of a brush, that is both exacting and expressive. 

This window is made from exquisite handmade ‘Flashed Glass’, which is a type of mouth blown glass, generally clear with a thin layer of colour applied to one surface, in this case yellow. When the colour is etched away it reveals the clear glass behind. Once etched I have bonded the handmade glass to a piece of toughed, low Iron glass and had it double glazed, thus adding sound proofing and insulation between the two spaces.