Pavilion Pavilion


Architectural Glass by Jack Brindley

Stained Glass 2024


Materials: Handmade and machine made glass, lead, powder coated steel frames.
Site: Bay window of a tenement flat. 
Location: Glasgow, Scotland
Dimensions: 400 x 1300 mm approx (each)
Date: 2021
The brief was to design a work that could occupy a street level bay window, and was designed around the idea of the seasonal change of an Almanac. There are 6 individual panes which take the rule of thirds as their designing principle, one of which is mostly teal/blue and acts as a registration panel.

The windows sit inside a track, and can easily be slid back and forth, removed and replaced in any orientation. The idea being that the client might want to have total privacy from the outside world or total visibility out of the window, and has full flexibility with the design.