Rattan Furniture

Rattan stools, 2019
Painted steel, birch ply, rattan, cork


Fan-light (Glasgow). 2019

“We live for the most part in closed rooms. These form the environment from which our culture grows. Our culture is to a certain extent the product of our architecture. If we want our culture to rise to a higher level, we are obliged, for better or for worse, to change our architecture. And this only becomes possible if we take away the closed character from the rooms in which we live. We can only do that by introducing glass architecture, which lets in the lights of the sun, the moon, and the stars, nor merely through a few windows, but through every possible wall, which will be made entirely of glass–of coloured glass. The new environment, which we thus create, must bring us a new culture.” - Paul Scheerbart

Fan-light (Glasgow). 2019

"The longing for purity and clarity, for glowing lightness and crystalline exactness, for immaterial lightness and infinite liveliness found a means of its fulfillment in glass—the most ineffable, most elementary, most flexible and most changeable of materials, richest in meaning and inspiration, fusing with the world like no other. This least fixed of materials transforms itself with every change of atmosphere. It is infinitely rich in elations, mirroring what is above, below, and what is below, above. It is animated, full of spirit and alive ... It is an example of a transcendent passion to build, functionless, free, satisfying no practical demands—and yet a functional building, soulful, awakening spiritual inspirations—an ethical functional building" -Adolf Behne

Exercises in Shelving

Soft wood ply, rattan inlay, 2019


1 A shelf is a shelf is a shelf

2 The function and the idea of itself functioning 

100 Different Sticks

100 Different Sticks. 2019

Using the simple task of holding a candle this project is an exerciese in form. Taking stock components of steel and assembling them in 100 different ways.

 100 unique and hand-made candlestick holders. Painted mild steel, dimensions variable.

I00 Different Sticks, 2019


Handmade stained glass lampshade 2019

Each lampshade is a varient on a design, as part of an ongoing series. Supplied with bulb, lamp fittings and choice of coloured cord. 

“Art! that is a great thing, when it exists. Today this art does not exist. The fragmented tendencies can only find their way back to a single unity under the wings of a new architecture, with each individual dicipline playing its part in the building process. Then there will be no division between the applied arts and sculpture or painting; everything will be one: Architecture.” 
Bruno Taut - ‘Architektur Programm’