c.a. walac

Room-temperature bodies

14/11/20 - 10/11/20
at Pavilion Pavilion HQ, 20 St Andrews St, Glasgow. by appointment

Presenting new works settling in the marriage of aluminium and dough.

Exposed cracks, dry skin, left as it is. What is hiding behind those cracks? Is anyone still looking when it goes dry? Exposed appendix opening up, turning anatomy over, bodies with no bodies at all, and agglomerated crumbs, edgeless and extroverted in a violent impulse to undo the harm of containment. Bodies showing themselves from behind the surface. Dead, dried, rocky bodies upholding surfaces as an incontrovertible division and still try to get through.

At the beginning was hunger.

Our bodies getting hollowed and twisted. This is a continuous fight which relentlessly keeps coming back, whatever we do. Bread is a foundation of that fight, as our best ally. It births in austerity and rawness, inextricably bonded to ourselves as body-functioning material.

Flexible and unpredictable, the dough builds a different domestic landscape. Unruly. Breaking the moulds of monitored, condensed expansion. Expanse big and give yourself some room to breathe.

c.a.walac. is an artist and designer based in Glasgow. She explores furniture and space as a narrative, a multi-layered opportunity to tell the complex stories of our relationship to surroundings.

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Something in your hair – hair clip
small wearable sculptures, 2020
Aluminium cast dough, stainless steel crocodile clip
Each 7,5 x 4 cm  approx
Edition of 20 unique works