PPO - 005

Glass Lampshades

Each lampshade is a varient on a design, as part of an ongoing series, either as a wall mounted design or pendant light. Supplied with bulb, lamp fittings and choice of coloured cord.

We sat for a while thinking, as we now allow time for; whether it’s a sort of design or self-sufficiency. ‘Self-sufficient’ in that it is enough of itself to adequately get by as itself, its own sovereignty. You asked if Form and Function really describes anything at all, and how do we rationalise how things glow from within? And I said that maybe its to difficult for words. You just stared on.

The light, a bulb surrounded by shadow, pocketing illumination across its glassy surface, the bracket that holds it close up to the wall; the glow travels back at us as we dimly stare searching for the correct protagonist.

Last night we talked about state-hood and how our borders must now sit a minimum of two meters away from each other. How distance is both absolute and totally inadequate in describing the space between things. You said that it was A sovereign power chartering the space between us and could get out a tape-measure to prove a point, but it wasn’t clear of where to take the measurement from as we both looked at how the light slipped across the wall.

Fused glass, 2019 - 2020
32 cm diameter approxFused glass, 2019 - 2020
32 cm diameter approx

Art! that is a great thing, when it exists. Today this art does not exist. The fragmented tendencies can only find their way back to a single unity under the wings of a new architecture, with each individual dicipline playing its part in the building process. Then there will be no division between the applied arts and sculpture or painting; everything will be one: Architecture.
Bruno Taut - ‘Architektur Programm’