Early Modern perfume collaboraion

Early Modern

Pavilion Pavilion

Pavilion Pavilion HQ, 20 St Andrews St, Glasgow. by appointment.
The exhibition will run until 7/2/21.
And the perfume is available to purhase HERE

An architecture out of season.

Amidst elegiac overgrowth, locked in a luscious cycle of rot and advance, air full of a tremulous metallic green tilt, a building stood steadfast in damp decadence, poised dormant amongst monoliths.

A pavilion caught out of season, emptied of people, yet filled with its own concrete essence. Populated only by leaves, lichens and mosses, its foundations now heightened as though caught in a viewfinder artfully composed. A momentary modernism explored years after the fact.

A perfume collaboration between Pavilion Pavilion and Early Modern

EARLY MODERN / PAVILION PAVILION began as a conversation about architecture. How can we evoke the idea of monuments or pavilions?

Both the perfume and its bottle became an exploration of iconic buildings and post war art. Pine and Cedar - both as living forest and sawn straight, composed like Donald Judd furniture. The metallic tang of dreamlike skyscrapers, or of blood at the back of your throat. A hint of smoke, some unknown vapour, woody yet translucent, like remembering a ghost.

An architecture out of season.

Installation images below

Photo credit - Alex Hoyles

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