Actual Size, at the Briggait Glasgow

Stained Glass

“Coloured Glass Destroys All Hatred”

Paul Scheebart

David Dale Gallery, Glasgow

All Stained Glass works are unique and individually comissioned peices, Please get in contact if you are interested! ︎

"The longing for purity and clarity, for glowing lightness and crystalline exactness, for immaterial lightness and infinite liveliness found a means of its fulfillment in glass—the most ineffable, most elementary, most flexible and most changeable of materials, richest in meaning and inspiration, fusing with the world like no other. This least fixed of materials transforms itself with every change of atmosphere. It is infinitely rich in elations, mirroring what is above, below, and what is below, above. It is animated, full of spirit and alive ... It is an example of a transcendent passion to build, functionless, free, satisfying no practical demands—and yet a functional building, soulful, awakening spiritual inspirations—an ethical functional building" -Adolf Behne